Get the right angle.
SHIFT band is comfortable and easy to use with your existing Garmin or Apple Watch.


SHIFT Watchband TM

SHIFT WatchbandTM

Run better.
SHIFT band is comfortable and easy to use with your existing Garmin or Apple Watch.

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"Shift band shaves seconds off your sports
watch glances and clicks"

"This Band Will Change How You
See Your Watch"

"This new wrist strap is making me rethink
How I've been wearing watches"

"This Band Will Literally Change
How You See Your Watch"


As avid runners, we see how gear has evolved to help us perform better, including our watches which deliver a torrent of information.

We simply asked: Why is this information not in our natural line of sight when we’re running? We want to see and interact with our metrics while staying focused. We want to use our energy on running and seeing the road ahead, not on our watch.

SHIFT makes it easier to see your stats, press buttons, and process information so you can RUN BETTER.

See & Hear What Others Are Saying

“Anything that makes life easier during a race or training is what I want.”

~Sean Becthel, Former Pro Triathlete, Personal Best Coach

“I have been testing it today, and I really like it as it makes seeing split times so much easier! My watch is in a much better angle with the SHIFT band, and glancing at it and pushing the correct buttons is so much more natural.

It is also really easy to put on/take off, and super light and comfortable. I am recommending this to all of my training buddies!”

— Camilla Richardsson, Finnish National Team

“An essential tool for anyone who checks their watch for information during exercise.”

“PEANUT” HARMS , former US Olympic Coach and USATF World Cross Coach
“The Shift band positions your watch at the optimum angle and stays in place throughout your run. Convenience and safety makes Shift a great product.”
TERRY WARD, Runner’s World - Coach of the Year CIF Model Coach of the Year (CIF’s highest award)

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