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EdgeGear SHIFT™ comes with mounting options for the following fitness and smartwatches. Our patented design enables you to easily swap your watch from your existing band to SHIFT.


Apple Watch 38mm or 42mm


Forerunner® 220, 225, 230, 235, 620, 630, 735XT, 920XT, 935
Fenix 3, Fenix 5, 5S, 5X, Quatix, D2 Bravo
Approach S2, S4, S5, S6


Moto360, LG G watch, Basis Peak, ASUS ZenWatch, Samsung Gear S2 Classic, ++
If your watch has a spring pin, like most watches do, it will fit.
We even include the tool you need to swap the band yourself.

Pin Connection? Most watches (like Pebble, Basis Peak, etc.) use a pin connection and we have this covered! SHIFT comes with attachments to fit all watches that use a pin between 14 and 24mm. We even include the tool you need to swap the band yourself.

What doesn’t work? Some watches use an “integrated” band-and-watch solution. This is not compatible and you can easily see the difference. Also, Polar watches, unfortunately are not compatible in this version of SHIFT (sorry Polar, we will try again in next version).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does LED style HR pulse monitoring work using SHIFT? 2016-11-22T06:29:00+00:00

You can use SHIFT with LED style heart rate monitors. This includes the Apple Watch and Garmin Fenix 3, 225, 235, 735XT. We have tested the HR functionality thoroughly. A local shop told us they believe the HR is more stable because of less pooling of sweat.

Below is an image from a customer who also had a question about the HR measurement.


This 3 sec video shows two LED style HR monitors in use simultaneously, the Apple Watch and the Garmin 235. We have also tested vs traditional chest-strap HR monitors.

Simultaneous Garmin 235 and Apple Watch


What materials are used? 2016-11-22T06:29:08+00:00

Viton™ and die-cast zinc. No nickel is used so no need to worry about nickel allergy.

Can I wear gloves with the EdgeGear SHIFT band? 2016-11-22T06:29:09+00:00

We have worn the band with many running, cycling, and sailing gloves. Our advice is to wear it under the glove, adjusting the glove a bit so as not to cover the watch face. We have also adjusted the band longer and worn it over gloves. Your choice. We’re very focused on making it very flexible.

Can I wear the EdgeGear band on either hand? 2016-11-22T06:29:09+00:00

Yes. It is shipped to wear on your left hand. To wear on right hand, simply reverse the clasp portion of the band.

Does it fit my watch? 2016-11-22T06:29:09+00:00

SHIFT™ fits many fitness and smart-watches, including Apple Watch* (38/42mm). It fits all watches with a 22mm spring-pin (the most common watch size made), including Pebble*, and many more than we can include in our compatibility list. Please measure your connection between band and watch. It also fits many Garmin* and Suunto* fitness watches.

Please refer to the compatibility chart/list for specific watch models.

Is it waterproof? 2016-11-22T06:29:09+00:00

Yes. You can also wash the band using soap and water. We’re not so sure about your smartwatch though.

What if I see a different model or color during the Kickstarter campaign and I want it? 2016-11-22T06:29:09+00:00

You can change your selection during the campaign. We’ll keep you up to date during the Kickstarter.

What is the warranty? 2016-11-22T06:29:09+00:00

We will replace your EdgeGear Band within 90 days of shipping your purchase. Send us the band along with proof of purchase, and we will send a new band back to you. We are not responsible for damages to your watch or yourself. Keep time responsibly.



The Shift™ watch band comes with an adjustable band and 3 loop sizes for a custom fit on petite to large-size wrists.

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